Kehlani - Gangsta - Bruno Galhardo & Shani Mayer & Stephany Estrin & Laura Riva & Darius Zi

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Share this video on FB: Watch more dance videos at Subscribe at Bruno Galhardo & Stephany Estrin & Shani Mayer & Laura Riva & Darius Zi - Zouk Demonstrations at the 2017 International Miami Zouk Festival Filmed by Derek Merriweather Music: Gallant - Bone + Tissue Kehlani - Gangsta (From Suicide Squad: The Album) ______________________________________________ The Zouk Atlanta YouTube Channel showcases creative arts and movement artists from around the world. This channel features dance demonstrations, dance performances, dance improvisations, dance choreography, and more. Brazilian Zouk Ballet Yoga Ballroom Dance Contemporary Dance Bachata Modern Dance Salsa Dancing Hip-Hop Dance East Coast Swing Dancing West Coast Swing Dancing Kizomba Breakdancing Tango Dancing Waltz Samba de Gafieira Rumba AcroYoga We’ve traveled internationally to London, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Atlanta, New York, Miami, Toronto, Seattle, Washington D.C., Australia, New Zealand, and more places. Connect with us: Contact us about video production or dance classes.

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