Brazilian Culture of Dance revolves around samba. Of course there are many other dance expressions

Brazilian Culture of Dance revolves around samba. Of course there are many other dance expressions in Brazil, like forró, traditional folklore, maracatú, frevo, "samba de gafieira", to mention a few. But in Brazil, we can say 90% of the population considers samba dance as the main popular dance culture and expression. On this instructive video, we can watch a studio performance in HD, performed by Ingrid Lima, a top samba choreographer and Carnival Queen She is also interviewed and explains some of the aspects of this worldwide famous dance and mystique. This samba video is specially interesting, since it shows not only a studio performance, but a real live presentation in a parade, with Ingrid in full samba costumes ahead of her samba-school, Herval. There, she was filmed as the Queen of Carnival of an important samba-school in the south of Brazil. This component is particularly fascinating since it shows the culture of samba dance like many may not acknowledge, is widespread all over Brazil: South, South East, Mid West, North and not only in Rio de Janeiro where it is was founded and has it´s main community of samba-schools ( more than 200 only in RIo ). There are numerous samba-schools at Florianópolis, Porto Alegre, São Paulio, and in minor cities, like "Joaçaba", deep south, where Ingrid is from. We hope you enjoy this cultural voyage, the samba moves and this exclusive interview given by a recognized dance choreographer in Brazil. Brazil Culture Dance I Samba Choreography I How to samba dance I How to Dance Brazilian Samba I Samba Dancing Professional I Samba Dance Steps I How to dance Brazilian samba step by step I Brazilian Culture Samba I Professional Brazilian Choreography I Samba Dance Culture I Samba Dance Routine I Studio Samba Dance I Samba Dancer Interview I Dance Culture Brazil I Samba Dance Performance I Solo Samba Dance Routine