On this video we see the official results of the 2017 Rio de Janeiro Queen of Carnival Contest,

On this video we see the official results of the 2017 Rio de Janeiro Queen of Carnival Contest, which happened October 11th 2016. Photo Cover by Fernando Maia. Please learn more about how the contest flowed. The Official Queen of Carnival 2017 will be the dancer Uillana Adães, who presented a marvelous samba dance routine and spoke very well about the importance of representing the best samba dancer of Rio de Janeiro. Uillana already had a previous experience as part of the "Carnival Court" and was the first princess of the Rio Carnival in 2016 and second princess in 2015. The samba dancer and teacher is twenty one years old and cheers for " Portela Samba school. " The first Princess selected is called Joice Oliveira, and she is a professional samba dancer of twenty years old and supporter of “Grande Rio Samba School”. It was the first time she competed at the most important samba contest in Brazil. The second princess chosen was the makeup teacher Deisiane Jesus, supporter of "Portela Samba School"; 28 years - and mother of Maria Flor, which has only three months. The winners, besides the title and crown, receive a prize of R$ 30,000, and the princesses receive R $ 22,500 each, plus the band and tiara. In total there were eight candidates who had one minute to present their samba routines, in addition to answer questions like why they would like to become the next Rio Queen of the Carnival. They also showed their samba skills with very heavy Carnival costumes, some weighing up to 15 kilograms, plus the weight of boots/ sandals with stones. The final decision was very difficult to be made on the part of the nine jurors. The criteria used by the judges are samba dance ability / routine, sociability, ease of expression, sympathy and “carnival spirit “ The new “Carnival court “will begin to present its reign this weekend, attending events at the samba schools.